Sunday, March 11, 2012

Things I Forgot Were Happening in 2012: Part I

Here come the Men In Black! (wait, what? why?)

So, I completely forgot this movie comes out this summer.

I love-love-loved the first movie, tolerated but chuckled through the second one, but, seriously, how tired do Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones look in the trailer? Like they are too tired to even count their millions, right? Am I being rude? I'm sorry. But of all franchises I would rather look upon fondly as a fun moment of my childhood and not something I should try to explain why it can still be cool to my eye-rolling kid brother (I say with love), well, Men In Black is somewhere on the VIP list (also, He-Man, She-Ra, Nickelodeon's GUTS).

That isn't to say I won't check it out. Maybe I will. Maybe they will surprise me. I hope so! But if it is indeed better than its trailer implies, it may be time for new trailer tropes for summer blockbusters in the coming years.

In the mean time, rock out to this classic. You guys know you remember the dance!

P.S. I got called out by my dear longtime friend Chris on Twitter for not posting enough (visit his blog or follow him on Twitter @cjhannas). Whatever, I was napping. For the entire winter. I will play your little game shortly. Also, I briefly entertained the idea of fighting you for who had Hunger Games first, but I'm busy making a grilled cheese sandwich.

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  1. The cool kids can blog while napping...Grilled cheese is a different challenge though. Consciousness is quite recommended.